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The Barber

Spanish, English subtitles  26:24 mins

A barbershop was once much more than simply the place to have your hair cut and to be shaved. It was the focal point of the village and the heart of the rural neighbourhood, where news and gossip were exchanged, secrets confessed, favours asked for and money was lent; in essence a dependable association that provided companionship and solidarity, binding the local community together. As the barber in the village of Teror in Gran Canaria Pepito was at the centre of this. Now at age eighty-two, he has spent his life running the nearly hundred year old barbershop. But it is all inexorably vanishing, as simultaneously Pepito comes to the end of his working days and the character of the shop rapidly changes. It´s an emotive subject for him, one that he prefers to keep in his memories, rather than go back to visit the community that was his life.

Produced, directed and edited by Francesca Phillips. 


Festival screenings:

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival. 4th – 13th March 2016.
Ethnocineca – Ethnographic and Documentary Film Festival. Vienna, 17th – 22nd May 2016
Days of Ethnographic Cinema. Moscow, 27th September – 1st October 2016
Kratovo Ethnographic Film Festival. Macedonia, 30th September – 2nd October 2016.
XXV International Festival of Ethnological Film. Belgrade, 12th – 15th October 2016
MiradasDoc. Guía de Isora, 27th January – 4th February 2017


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